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Unfiltered EVOO

Buy Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Here you can buy authentic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a superior category obtained directly from olives, from a farmer with a name and surname.

What is unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

The unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is the pure olive juice and the filtering process is reduced to a minimum. The result is a denser unfiltered EVOO, since small unfiltered particles of the olive stone and olive leaves are suspended, and they do not affect the beneficial properties or the vitamins of the pressed extra virgin olive oil. cold. It is a new harvest oil.

The collection process until obtaining the juice is carried out in less than 24 hours, including the first cold pressing of the oil. Once the process is done, we store it in the Almazara cellar in optimal conditions until it is packaged, so that our unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and properties are the adequate. An unfiltered olive oil is not better or worse than an filtered oil, since it maintains both its acidity and its organoleptic properties intact, in both types of oil.

Difference unfiltered filtered olive oil

The first difference between filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil lies in the filtering process. Being a virgin olive oil first pressed without filtering, it contains traces of impurities and moisture from the fruit of the olive.

The unfiltered olive oil has an intense green color with a cloudy appearance, especially at the beginning of the season. Also, when you pour it, you can feel that it is somewhat denser than conventional virgin olive oil, since it is first-pressed oil with suspended particles. Another difference lies in the taste of unfiltered olive oil with a slight spicy touch.

In the bottle or carafe, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has a more opaque, less transparent and somewhat cloudy appearance. .

The cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is bought already packaged and, as time goes by, a certain decantation occurs in a completely natural way, that is, the heavier particles are deposited in the background. This is completely normal, since unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and properties remain in good condition, not affecting its original flavor, which remains intact.

Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil properties

Some of the properties of unfiltered root oil are:

  • It usually contains between 1% and 3% impurities.
  • Denser and cloudy looking, changing with gravity, temperature and time
  • High content of chlorophylls and polyphenols, hence the unfiltered green oil has a cloudy color and a slightly bitter and pungent taste.
  • Vitamin E and other natural antioxidants (oleocanthal, tyrosol, etc.).
  • Recommended to eat raw or cooked at low temperatures.

Few fresh extra virgin olive oils first cold extraction without filtering have the properties, quality and richness of nuances and bitter and spicy flavor as this high quality Arraigo oil that we have in Mi Oliva Gourmet. Not surprisingly, it is an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. It is the oil best valued by our customers.

Buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

When you go to buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, you should know these questions:

  1. Look at the harvest year, since the important thing about buying unfiltered extra virgin oil is the "youth" of the oil.
  2. Another issue to consider is where to buy a good first-pressed virgin olive oil, since the environmental storage conditions have a definitive influence on the conservation of its properties. At Mi Oliva Gourmet you have the guarantee that it is always freshly packaged and, meanwhile, it is perfectly preserved in the Almazara cellar.
  3. When buying unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, you have to look at the best before date, since, as we said before, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil oxidizes faster.

The opinions of our clients guarantee us. Don't hesitate to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered at Mi Oliva Gourmet, where you will find the best value for money, and you also have the unique guarantee we give that if you don't like it , you can return it without problem.

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