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Special Pack of Best Sellers in 4 metal containers of 2.5 liters

Discover a world of new and incredible sensations for your senses, with two of our best unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Arraigo and Estirpe PICUAL.

Arraigo Unfiltered

Arraigo unfiltered is a delicious coupage mostly Hojiblanca, with a little picual and picuda that has earned hundreds of ALL 5-star ratings. To its extraordinary flavour, which will transport you to the flavours of your childhood, we must add its high polyphenol content of 570PPM and an acidity of 0.21, which reinforces its great beneficial properties.

We leave you some of these reviews of customers who have already tried it:

”An oil of the highest quality, excellent to consume cold, simply with a good bread you can appreciate its exquisite flavour and aroma.An intense and delicious oil. In addition to the multiple properties of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. A gift from nature and directly from the mill, from the farmer to home. Super fast shipping and I also love the variety of formats and varieties of olives. I will certainly repeat and I recommend it to everyone 100% guaranteed.” - Marilyn

”Hello! I’m Argentina, I live in Germany and I rent two apartments out to tourists. I’m not an expert but I dedicate myself to discovering new flavours to surprise my guests with good details. I’ve tried many oils from different countries and the The truth is that I fell in love with this one! The fact of opening the bottle and feeling that aroma, which for me is an exquisite perfume, is worth it. A delicious flavour that invites you to be creative in the kitchen as long as you use it. more to tell them…let them count on me as a regular customer! I’m delighted!” - Florencia


PICUAL line, is our strongest and most intense unfiltered EVOO, due to its power and that tasty kick that shows its high oleocanthal content, typical of the best picual olives. To its robust and strong flavour, full of nuances, we must add a very low acidity, of 0.13 and a content of polyphenols, one of the highest in Spain, of 665 PPM >.

”Hello, first of all congratulations for the attention and speed in the delivery of the order. As for the oil, we loved it, I bought it to taste it among several friends and family, We all liked it very much, so much so that I am going to place a second order so that I can reach the next harvest with enough oil for everyone. Congratulations and please do not stop producing this fantastic olive oil ! Thank you” - Silvia

”As soon as I received the oil, I began to see it through the light from the window…it was opaque!!! Very dark, intense green. Other “extra virgin” oils do not pass this test. They look like refined sunflower seeds from the side of this one!!!… Not even putting the glass/plastic in a “green” colour to appear can come close to this magnificent oil. Only by looking at it you realize the product. Then when you are ready to taste it…What an aroma and flavour!!!. Except once having bread for breakfast at a shop near Ubeda/Baeza, I never found an oil like this. A joy and satisfaction to be able to enjoy it again thanks to MiOlivagourmet. I’m clear. I don’t buy extra virgin olive oil in any supermarket.” - Antony

A perfect container for incredible EVOOs

There is no better container for an EVOO of such quality as the metallic one because, in addition to protecting it from light, it keeps all its beneficial properties almost intact for longer.

You are going to enjoy like never before with these two extraordinary EVOOs, authentic, from farmers with names and surnames and brought directly from the Oil Mill to your home.

I can’t wait to know what you felt!

Sale price€109,95 (€11,00/l)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
miguel angel cotarelo ocaña

Vuelvo ha elogiar, los aceites gurmet sin filtrar, mucha calidad, repito mucha calidad, en sus dos versiones, plástico, y alumino envasados este último envase de alumino extraordinaria conservación, seguid, con esta profesionalidad, un abrazo

Krastyo Kolev

Pack Especial de Más Vendidos en 4 envases metálicos de 2,5 Litros

Marco Becciu

Estuve muchos años sin encontrar Un aceite que me haga volver a mis orígenes con este sabor intenso.
Muy recomendable
Muchas gracias por este descubrimientos

Alfonso Navarro Sevilla

Pack Especial de Más Vendidos en 4 envases metálicos de 2,5 Litros

Jesús Andres Muñoz

Pues realmente mi valoración no puede ser mejor, no soy un esperto en aceites , pero durante más de 30 años he trabajado recorriendo toda Andalucía y me habéis enseñado a desayunar, yo durante media vida era de café con leche mañanero y a funcionar, pero cuando descubrí esos aceites en las barras de restaurantes de carretera ( aparte de otras delicatesen que suele haber por esa bendita tierra)aprendí a saborear el buen aceite, algo que ni se me hubiera ocurrido años antes,por ello un día descubrí el vuestro y me propuse probarlo a ver si se parecía a lo que me había acostumbrado, fue increíble me pareció lo mejor que había probado y tras embelesarme con el arraigo, probé él estirpe pues siempre me ha atraído el pícual, no se que deciros , me gustan los dos mucho y creo tanto para ensaladas,como tostadas o cualquier forma de saborearlo me va a ser difícil substituirlo , así que mientras tenga posibilidad me tendréis de cliente fijo y eso que siendo yo solo con mi esposa que la pobre padece de Alzheimer, no es mucho lo que puedo consumir, pero como habréis visto en mi historial de compras,me he llegado a juntar con distintos envases , con lo que he quedado como un señor regalando a algunos allegados , pues todos hablan maravillas de este oro verde y y es que lo bueno siempre tiene éxito y según mi punto de vista y paladar este aceite lo es y muy bueno, así que gracias y seguiré en contacto