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Who we are

Our company

Mi Oliva Gourmet is not just an online store of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is a team of people whose knowledge inherited from 3 generations of farmers, and ability to innovate come together to create value from a common passion: true Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive oil that is collected every year as it was thousands of years ago, taking care of the olive, since it produces the olive juice, or Az-zait, as called in the Arab culture. The only vegetable oil that can be consumed raw and without being treated by chemical refining processes.

Our team

Miguel Morales Chacón. Alias ​​“Migue”, combines the family tradition of his father and his grandfather. He grew up running around among olive groves in the San Miguel farmhouse and is in love with his land and with the Puente Genil Olive Grove. Without a doubt, our most critical and demanding member.

Ricardo Morales Chacón. Alias ​​“Richard”, the perfect link, more than 30 years dedicated to the business world, but with deep roots that are flavoured with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. His extensive experience provides the professionalism and rigor necessary to make Mi Oliva Gourmet a serious and trustworthy company.

Julio César de la Vega, Alias ​​“Julito”, is passionate about new technology. He is responsible for making sure the entire system works perfectly so that this is a secure shop and a complex logistics chain without fail: with 100% success from the moment of purchase right up until you receive it at home,


Together with Miguel, Ricardo and Julio, a team of more than 10 people at your service across the different website areas. Jose, who is in charge of making sure the numbers add up and, together with Álvaro, of preparing the orders so that they arrive quickly ;). Laura and María José, the charming people always willing to help behind the phone, chat and email. The Number Studios team, who help us every day in this complicated world of the internet; Jose María and his team of creatives , whose ideas inspire us every day. And of course, our beloved farmers, the true heart of the business, whose tireless work makes it possible for us to enjoy the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil at our table.

If you want to know a little more about us and our online Extra Virgin Olive Oil store, be sure to read What makes us different from the rest?

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