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Frequently asked questions about online purchases at Mi Oliva Gourmet

What is the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club?

Mi Oliva Gourmet EVOO belongs to Olivar de San Miguel, located in Puente Genil de Córdoba, considered one of the best in the world, in 1935 it received the award for the best oil in the world (OPTIMUN OLEI EMPORIUM). Our oils are bottled daily, and are not mixed, so that the customer receives it in optimal conditions.

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What is the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club?

The Mi Oliva Gourmet Club is a family of lovers of authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, that of a farmer with a first and last name.

Subscribing to the Club will benefit from all promotions and stay up to date with everything that happens at Mi Oliva Gourmet. You just have to provide your email and at any time you can unsubscribe, if you do not want to continue receiving emails. it is not possible to access the club since it is only a Newsletters.

Why create an Account in Mi Oliva Gourmet?

The Mi Oliva Gourmet account allows you to register your data on the web so that your purchases and queries are more comfortable and agile. You only have to register as a customer, this way when you place an order you will only have to choose the product and all your data will come out automatically, even if you want to save your card data for future purchases. You can also see all orders placed from your record. If you don't have an account yet,

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What is the Olive Oil Ambassadors Program?

Have you tried our oil and liked it so much that you couldn't resist sharing it with your family and friends? If so, don't hesitate! Become an Ambassador of Mi Oliva Gourmet. Every time you share your experience with different people you will get benefits. To be an Ambassador it is necessary to be a Client of Mi Oliva Gourmet. If you have already decided to be an Ambassador@ of Mi Oliva Gourmet and you want to know how the ambassador area works, you can access it in the "My account" area.

What is the minimum order

There is no minimum order, you can buy olive oil l in any of the formats that appear on the web, regardless of the price. To see the format and the price of each one, select the product, a window opens with the complete description of the product and just below it appears a dropdown with all the available format options along with the price of each of them.

Are there special prices for stores or distributors?

Our sale is direct from the Farmer to the end customer. However, in some cases we make exceptions, as long as the values and philosophy of a small company or specialty store are aligned with ours. In that case, although they do not have specific rates, we can apply a discount for order volume. If this is your case,

How can I get a coupon code?

We do not usually make discounts, since, unfortunately, in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector we work with very low margins. However, to obtain discount coupons you must be

How can I pay for my order?

With credit or debit card

You must select this option and detail the information requested for your card. You should not worry as it is a secure payment platform and your card details will not be saved.

If the payment is not made once you have entered your card details, check that the billing address corresponds to the same address to which your card is linked. If it's not the same address as the shipping address, don't worry, the order will be shipped to the shipping address and not the billing address.

< strong>Bank transfer

You will receive our account number by email once you complete the purchase so that you can make the transfer for the amount of the order. Do not forget to detail your name and the order number in the transfer so that we know who it belongs to. Once we receive the transfer, we will send your order


Once you select this option, it automatically directs you to the Paypal platform so you can detail your passwords and make the payment. If an error occurs on the Paypal platform and the payment is not made, the system will automatically cancel the order. Once the payment is confirmed on the platform, the order will reappear correctly so that it can be sent.

cash on delivery

< /p>

Only for shipments to the Peninsula. You must make the payment for the exact amount, upon delivery of your order only in cash, card payments are not accepted.

Do not forget to check the box of the payment method that you choose, if you do not do so, the payment will not be made and therefore the order will not be made.

What do I do if my order is not successful?

It is possible that at the end of the purchase the order will not be successful.

If the payment is made by credit or debit card, it may fail because the payment gateway detects some data that does not correspond to the card. In this case, to make the payment by card, in the billing address, specify the address to which the card is linked and in the shipping address, specify where you want to receive the order if it does not correspond to the billing address. . It may be that a charge appears on your card, but if the order is not carried out correctly, it means that we have not received the payment, so the charge on your card will disappear within a few hours or the next day.

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If you make the payment through Paypal and the payment is not effective, the system cancels the order automatically, once the payment has been made correctly on the Paypal platform, the order will appear as valid again to be able to send it.

How do I know if my order is successful?

You should receive a confirmation email with all the order details. If you do not receive confirmation, the order has not been placed.

Where do you ship and what are the shipping costs?

Todos los pedidos se entregan a domicilio, en toda la Península, Baleares y la mayor parte de Europa.

Envíos Nacionales. Los envíos a Península y Baleares son gratuitos. (No se realizan envíos a Canarias, Ceuta ni Melilla).

Envíos a Europa. Realizamos envíos a la mayor parte de Europa, y tenemos gastos de envío dependiendo del peso del paquete y la zona a enviar.


How can I see the delivery status of my order?

Once your order has left the transport agency, you will receive an email or SMS from the Agency with the tracking number where you can see the status of your shipment at all times.

Frequently asked questions about Olive Oil

What is the difference between filtered and unfiltered oil?

The difference is that in unfiltered oil, the decanting process of EVOO takes a few hours compared to a process of days for filtered EVOO.

Unfiltered oil is more suitable for drinking raw since its flavor has additional nuances to particles of leaves and bones. Studies have shown that they have some additional beneficial properties over filtrate.

Unfiltered EVOO can also be used for cooking, but it is not suitable for frying, as these suspended particles will burn quickly and the oil will darken sooner.

What are the polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil?

As established by the European Regulation on authorized health claims for foods, the main benefits of polyphenols in olive oil are that they contribute to the protection of lipids against oxidative damage.

Polyphenols are one of nature's most powerful antioxidants with a much greater effect than any antioxidant manufactured in a laboratory.

How long can a bottle of oil be open?

Regarding the preferential consumption of EVOO, it depends on whether it is filtered or unfiltered

In the case of filtered oil, it is usually two years from its packaging for consumption

In the case of unfiltered oil, this time is reduced to one year since, as it is not filtered, the suspended particles decant over time, forming "sludge" at the bottom of the bottle that they could ferment. with the action of light and oxygen.

These are periods of "preferential consumption", that is, the normal thing, after that time, is that the EVOO is in perfect condition and from that moment it could begin to degrade. That is why it does not have an expiration date.

Once the bottle is opened, it is recommended to consume it within 2 or 3 weeks or, in the case of a large format (5 liters), it is advisable to transfer part to a smaller opaque container (typical stainless steel oil cans).

Meanwhile, the opened jar should be kept in a cool place where it is not exposed to light.

What do you consider to be the best variety to consume only raw?

Any variety of a good EVOO is enjoyed raw (toast, salads, direct pouring to enhance the flavor of other products, etc.).

Spain is a country rich in varieties, there are more than 50, so it will depend on your tastes if you opt for one or another variety.

The Picual variety is the one that tends to have a stronger, stronger and more spicy flavor.

The Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties usually have an almost perfect balance between itching and bitterness.

The Arbequina variety is the most soft in heat, but not for that reason full of flavors and nuances.

What is the most intensely flavored oil?

Defining the concept "intense" is complicated, since... intense in what? In nuances, in smells, in itching, in bitterness?

All high quality EVOO, like the ones you can find in Mi Oliva Gourmet, are intense in all their qualities organoleptic.

That is why the adjective "intense" should not be confused with part of these qualities, such as itching or bitterness.

What is the oil you recommend for frying? How many uses can be given to the oil?

The first thing you should know is that the better the EVOO, the better for frying, since at higher temperatures it will lose fewer beneficial properties. This goes against the false belief that a good EVOO is not good for frying, when it is the other way around. Bad oils lose their qualities quickly.

For this reason, large restaurants use excellent EVOO for frying and other quality restaurants use oils with a high oleic acid content.

Of our EVOOs, you can use any of them to fry in a pan, since the temperatures are not usually as high as in fryers.

What is the best time of year to buy olive oil?

In Mi Oliva Gourmet you will always find freshly packaged EVOO directly from Bodegas Almazara. We do not accumulate stock like large surfaces and operators.

In this way, you can enjoy the best EVOO throughout the year.

Although it is true that freshly made EVOO has a plus of flavors and nuances of freshly squeezed juice.

Depending on the variety, these freshly made oils come out little by little.

The first to come out, between October and November, is the Early Harvest Oil, an True "green gold" due to its low yield and high quality.

Then the arbequina and picual usually come out between November and early December.

And finally the Hojiblanca variety in mid-December

This is what Mi Oliva Gourmet EVOOs are like, which are harvested in optimal states of maturation.

The worst quality EVOO usually come out later, looking for a higher yield. of the olive to the detriment of its beneficial organoleptic properties.

What do our oils have that differentiates them from others?

First of all, they are authentic EVOO grown and cared for with love for the field and the product. They are Peasant Oils, with names and surnames, not mixed with other oils of any origin.

Secondly, they are freshly packaged EVOOs, while they are kept in optimal conditions in the Cellar. Oil mill.

And thirdly, they are all of extraordinary quality, with a degree of acidity of less than 0.2 (compared to the 0.8 required by the regulations) and with low yields, which translate into a high content of polyphenols

All this without forgetting the most important of all, its organoleptic qualities, that is, They are rich in nuances, smells, flavors and incredible sensations that will make you enjoy as our grandparents used to do, with an authentic and delicious product.

Why is the flavor of Andalusian oil stronger than in other areas of the Peninsula?

The olive grove is predominant in the Andalusian lands.

Nearly one and a half million hectares house the roots of this tree that characterizes the region and has converted it for thousands of years in the olive land par excellence.

Olive groves, with many centuries of life, are true witnesses of our history and our Andalusian cuisine.

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Andalusia is the largest producing region in the world and the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil being the cornerstone on which this diet has been built, which has been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Where to buy Olive Oil at a good price?

Surely you have tried to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a large area, in a supermarket, etc., which was of good quality and at a good price.

In addition, you can find it difficult to know if an oil is of quality or not.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO is officially classified as "Extra Virgin" for two main parameters:

1. Which is obtained only by mechanical procedures.

2. That the olive is of higher quality, which in turn will depend on the acidity. For it to be Extra Virgin, the maximum acidity value is 0.8.

3.It has minimal organoleptic qualities.

If you want to know more aboutwhat differentiates Virgin Olive Oil Extra of the others, click here .

Olive Oil "Oro Verde" or Early Harvest

An early harvest oil is unique for its color, flavor and, above all, for its qualities.

First of all, it is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, normally unfiltered, that is, A brief decantation process is carried out, which preserves suspended particles of the olive pulp itself and leaves that enrich its flavor.

Its flavor is strong and spicy, typical of olives in an early state of maturation.

It is also known as “green gold”, since it has a greener hue than the EVOO collected later, which has a more yellow or golden hue.

If you want get to know our "Green Gold" Olive Oil, click here .

Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A Gourmet Oil has many characteristics that make it much better than the rest, but this time we will talk about the 3 differences between the Gourmet Oil and the rest of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

1. The time of the harvest, at an optimum ripening point that prioritizes quality over yield.

2. The selection of the Olive, even within the same olive grove, taking the ones with the best flavor and properties.

3. The grinding, packaging and conservation, which is even more important than all of the above when the EVOO is not bought freshly made.

If you want more information about the Differences between Gourmet EVOO, click here .

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