Olive Oil in summer
like the first day?

Yes! We have kept it in the Cellar "like gold in cloth" until now, so that you can enjoy it in all its splendor in summer:

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Farmer's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I present to you Migue, one of our Farmers. With more than 70 years, he is the 4th Generation that dedicates his life to taking care of his olive grove every day, with all his love and passion for the Earth and despite how hard the field is and how difficult everyone makes it (Government , large operators and many within the sector itself). A lifetime dedicated to making an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is as incredible as it is unique and extraordinary, so that you can also enjoy it every day at home."

“At Mi Oliva Gourmet we are proud to make it possible, to have created a great Family (we are already more than 10,000) of those of us who love and value the Gold Product of our Land. Discover the taste of authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the one that our great-great-grandparents drank, directly from the Farmer, from the Oil Mill, to your home.”"


What they feel when they taste it!

Excellent unfiltered olive oil. This is virgin oil! Exquisite flavor, top quality, I reserve it for salads, dressings and spread on bread. Olive juice, greenish in color, to the point for my taste, not very itchy or bitter. I thank God for having discovered this website.

Antonio - Barcelona

I only use this wonderful olive oil for toast and salads and the taste is amazing. I bought three bottles in January and I just opened the last one 11 months later and it is exactly the same as the first, so it does not spoil like others I had bought. Thanks to miolivagourmet for discovering this jewel of olive oil.

Francisco - Madrid

Excellent oil. It has evoked moments and memories of my childhood, when my mother sent me to the mill to buy. A recovered taste that was only in memory. Congratulations!

Joaquín - Burgos, Spain

Excellent! Quality and low price for that quality! Excellent flavor, color and smell. Exquisite!!! The same for the service. Arrived in Germany in just 3 days!!! Thanks!

Lester - Germany

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Diego Freire

Local Guide

48 Reviews

5 months ago

EXQUISITE! Yesterday I received Early Harvest Unfiltered Estirpe Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is incredible, an exceptional flavor. Congratulations and thank you very much for continuing to do things well. So it's nice to start the day with a good toast and this delight.

Jose Benedicto

Local Guide

35 Reviews

4 months ago

I recently received the second 5l bottle. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Estirpe Early Harvest and I maintain what I thought last year. It is the best oil, by far, that I have tried, and I recommend it to anyone who puts good taste before price. Congratulations to all of you who get this exquisite product.

María Del Carmen Plaza

57 Reviews

4 months ago

Years ago I belonged to the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club, I have returned to buy the first pressing unfiltered oil. It is a dense oil, with a greenish color with a slightly bitter taste and that spicy point that makes it unique. It is of extraordinary quality.

Carlos Van Eyk

3 Reviews

2 months ago

The flavor and aroma of the oil take me back to my childhood! EXCELLENT!! The service and kindness 10 of 10! We sent a few bottles of unfiltered oil to my son who lives in Copenhagen, it has had an amazing success! Cheer up and keep it up.

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