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Discover the Pure, Freshly Harvested Olive Juice

Farmer's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Miguel nos trae Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Premium, un agricultor auténtico!

Let me introduce you to Migue, one of our Farmers. At over 70 years old, he's the 4th generation dedicating his life to caring for his Olive Grove every day, with all his love and passion for the Land, despite the hardships of the field and the difficulties imposed by everyone (Government, big operators, and many within the sector itself). A lifetime devoted to making an Extra Virgin Olive Oil so incredible, unique, and extraordinary, so that you too can enjoy it every day in your home.

"At Mi Oliva Gourmet, we take pride in making it possible, in having created a large Family (we are now over 10,000) of those who love and value the Golden Product of our Land. Discover the taste of authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the kind our great-grandparents used to enjoy, direct from the Farmer, from the Mill, to your home".


What they feel when they taste it!

"Excellent unfiltered olive oil. This is real virgin oil! Exquisite taste, top quality, I save it for salads, dressings, and spreading on bread. Olive juice, greenish in color, just right to my liking, not too spicy or bitter. I thank God for having discovered your website".

Antonio - Barcelona

"I only use this wonderful oil for toast and salads, and the flavor is amazing. I bought the three containers in January and just opened the last one 11 months later, and it's exactly the same as the first, so it doesn't spoil like others I've bought. I won't use any other oil again. Thanks to miolivagourmet for introducing me to this gem of olive oil".

Francisco - Madrid

"Excellent oil. It has evoked moments and memories from my childhood, when my mother used to send me to the mill to buy. A flavor recovered that I only had in memory. Congratulations!"

Joaquín - Burgos

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