What makes us different

Many people ask us, what do we have that the rest don’t? In the following we will answer that question as best as possible.

The Olive Grove of Puente Genil

The oil that we bring to Mi Oliva Gourmet comes from one of the best olive groves in the world, from the fields of Puente Genil. Already in 1935 it received the award for the best oil in the world (OPTIMUN OLEI EMPORIUM), an award granted by the association of olive growers in Spain (the only one in the world at that time), which was created expressly to recognize the prestige and quality of the olives that come from this centenary olive grove, whose flavour, aroma and organoleptic properties are unparalleled. There are many factors that influence the quality of the oil, but in this field they all come together in a perfect combination.

Our oils are bottled daily

We do not store packaged oil, our oils are packaged as we receive orders. Unlike the oil that is bought in supermarkets and large stores, our oils are kept in the cellars of the Oil mills, in perfect conditions that allow all the flavour and properties to be preserved intact.

Our oils are not mixed


There are dozens of oil brands that are sold as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and they are not, they are mixtures of oils from different origins using the good ones as header and the worst as filler. Our oils are not mixed. In addition, we only select those oils that are subjected to exhaustive controls in terms of quality, mainly determined by yield and acidity. We visit each olive grove to check the harvesting process and each mill to verify the manufacturing process, laboratory control and storage conditions in the cellar.

Our mission

Our first mission is very simple: YOU, to forge lifelong relationships, that you are 100% satisfied is what is in the head of each one of us and in each step we take, no matter how small. be.

Our second mission is almost a dream: to vindicate the value of our gold product, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Millions of tons of Spanish oil is exported at a ridiculous price to the whole world to be mixed with other oils of dubious origin and packaged with other brands, losing its quality and properties, resold, yes, at 10 times its price. It is time for the world to know that the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil has its own name.

Thank you

We can only end by thanking you, because with each purchase you make this dream a little closer and, we are convinced that in 15 or 20 years, we will all be able to proudly say that we made it a reality. Thank you!

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