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Estirpe PICUAL

Estirpe PICUAL, is an Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of Premium quality, obtained from olives from the Puente Genil region, cultivated in a traditional way and obtained only by mechanical processes. It is made with a mixture of olives of 80% of the Picual variety and 20% of the Hojiblanca variety.

The Picual olive variety gives it a very powerful and spicy flavor in just the right measure. This variety of olive is the spiciest that exists. And the Hojiblanca variety reduces the bitterness and spiciness a little and gives it a set of nuances that make it a tough, strong and delicious EVOO at the same time.

As it is an unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil with this mixture of olives, it has an extra flavor. We can use them to enrich our daily dishes, providing a unique flavor.

Among the main characteristics of Picual oil is its stability to oxidation, to go rancid, and its good conservation before high temperature frying.

Its spicy and intense flavour also makes it suitable for consumption raw, on bread, salads, and is highly recommended for stews and fried foods.

Its analysis shows us an acidity of 0.20, and a polyphenol content of 419 PPM, which guarantees its high quality and high antioxidant properties.

It is a very special Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for lovers of spicy and intense oil in flavour and nuances, with unique aromas from the land of Puente Genil.

Riky January 8, 2019< /p>

Magnificent. It has such a green colour that it is an authentic freshly made olive juice. And with a wonderful flavour, because it is slightly spicy but just enough so as not to bother and have that typical touch of the picual olive. This combination of picual with a little hojiblanca is perfect.I loved it, with toast it reminded me of the authentic olive oil from my village, filling my mouth with an unmistakable flavour, and dressing the salad it seems that you are having something else, exquisite. And of course better than other pure picuals I’ve tried. Congratulations. I will repeat for sure.
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Customer Reviews

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LUIS Ortin Gómez

Excepcional *****

Mijail G.
Sorprendemente genial

Un día me salió una publicidad en la red, y como soy un gran amante de aceite de oliva viviendo en Alemania, donde no hay esta cultura, y por los supermercados se vende todo bastante básico y de masa, decidí probar este, totalmente al azar. ¡Y madre mía, cómo me mola el aceitico este que, por cierto, pido ahora la tercera vez! Apto para todo: da igual si lo comes crudo, con pan tostado o aderezando una ensalada o lo usas para freír algo ligerito—todo resulta más que genial. Es una maravilla de aceite, y, además, el servicio también: todo se envía enseguida, viene rápido, empacado segurísimo, los envases son recómodos para manejar. ¡Totalmente recomendado!

Manuel Canillas Villena
Lo mejor de lo mejor

Hace años que compro estos aceites, oro liquido, y que sigo comprando. Lo mejor, algo extraordinario, en crudo y en la cocina. Soberbio.

Exquisito como siempre !!

Exquisito y satisfecho, siempre !!

Sandra Martínez

Después de probar el picual sin filtrar vuestro, no he encontrado otro que lo supere!! Delicioso, un pan con tomate, el aceite y un poquito de sal y no hace falta ponerle nada más!