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Article: Why is Puente Genil Olive Oil one of the best in the world?

Olivar centenario de Puente Genil

Why is Puente Genil Olive Oil one of the best in the world?

The Puente Genil Olive Oil has been considered, for more than 100 years, one of the best olive oils in the world. In several publications of the ABC newspaper, at the beginning of 1936, a unique event is recorded, without precedent in the history of Spain. On 15 October 1935, the National Association of Olive Growers of Spain, in General Assembly, granted it the special title of OPTIMI OLEI EMPORIUM (Market of the best olive oil).

We collect a summary of those publications, which speak for themselves. One of the headlines read like this:

Puente Genil, for its production of fine oils, awarded for nearly fifty consecutive years, with the highest distinctions in the Regional Exhibitions held in Córdoba, has received the greatest tribute granted so far by the National Association of Olive Growers of Spain. ABC of Madrid of 14 January 1936

You can read the original ABC article here. The journalist highlighted it as “The greatest praise of all we say is reflected in the reproduction of the text of the Title, SPECIAL and UNIQUE, granted to Puente Genil by the Association of Olive Growers of Spain, the highest authority in the matter of olive oil”. Rumors at the time say that Puente Genil received this award so that it would not take part in more contests, since they always won.

Puente Genil Olive Oil in trouble...

Already at that time, the Olive Oil sector suffered from the same problems that it suffers today. Spain is the largest producer of Olive Oil in the World. This excess production is not properly managed, causing large productions of excellent oils to be exported to countries such as Italy at bargain prices, to be bottled there. This fact has been aggravated by the European Directives, which do not require these products to be labeled "Made in Spain", but with the new "Made in Europe”. Spain thus loses its trail as the world cradle of Olive Oil.
“Muestra Olivar Centenario de Puente Genil
This problem became more serious in Puente Genil. In an article in the ABC of Seville in 1967, it was stated that Olive Oil from Puente Genil constituted 13% of the national production. They were then in the hands of cooperatives such as Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, Olivarera Pontanense and the mills of the village of El Palomar.

Our little contribution

At Mi Oliva Gourmetwe believe that the solution to this problem is value creation. If Puente Genil Olive Oil is one of the best in the world, because of its tradition, because of its unique flavour and intensity, because of the love that people from Pontevedra have for their trade, it must be made clear. That is our mission, what we were born for. We want to show the world that Pontanian oil is of the highest international level, selecting the best of the best and bringing it from the olive grove to the table. Without intermediaries. From the mill to the home of those who know how to appreciate the authentic flavour of this golden product. We can only close this article by thanking you for your comments, especially those you leave on each of the products you have tried. That is the best showcase for the world, of the value of our oil, of our land. Thank you!

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