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Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil from an Olive Oil Mill

The mill processes all the olives to make extra virgin olive oil. A good extra virgin olive oil from an oil mill is created from a selection of the best olives from an olive grove.

It is of extraordinary quality, thanks to the fact that it has gone through the different processes of the oil mill, taking care of each process from the harvesting of the olives to its final bottling, so that it arrives in the best condition at your table.

The value for money of our extra virgin olive oil from the mill is unmatched. A bite of freshly made and toasted bread with the extra olive oil from the oil mill will have you surrendering to a flavour full of nuances, smells and incredible sensations.

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Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the oil mill

Have you still not tried extra virgin olive oil served directly from an oil mill? Don’t wait any longer and buy this type of gourmet oil that contains multiple beneficial properties.

Furthermore, our extra virgin olive oil direct from the oil mill provides an extra flavour to your dishes, as it is always freshly packaged, keeping it in perfect condition while inside the mill's cellar.

Something that you will only find in Mi Oliva Gourmet, which makes our oil mill EVOOs unique and makes you feel an explosion of indescribable sensations on your palate.


Gastronomy with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Mill

Our extra virgin olive oil from mills is one of the only oils that can be consumed with all its properties almost intact when it leaves the mill. Thanks to its conservation process, it is perfect for use in dishes such as salads, salmorejos, carpaccio, in pastries or even with any good cheese and at any time of the year.

From a nutritional point of view, extra virgin olive oil provides approximately 9 calories per gram of olive oil consumed.

Extra virgin olive oil, when used for cooking at low temperatures (below 180 degrees), such as for frying, roasting or cooking, does not produce any toxicity to the health and retains much of its beneficial properties. It is perfect for cooking dishes such as sautéed vegetables, roasts, meat stews or fried fish.

The main use of this exquisite liquid gold is raw (dressing, marinating, emulsifying and preserving), since it retains all its properties and characteristics that make it so special.

Why buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the mill?

When extracted and stored directly from the oil mill, it is kept in perfect conditions with a constant temperature and without suffering the effects of oxidation due to contact with air, light or temperature.

When buy olive oil online, at Mi Oliva Gourmet, you will have the peace of mind that it is a oil always freshly packaged and that has not been stored for months in distribution logistics centers.

As you have already seen, buying extra virgin olive oil contains a large number of advantages and benefits.

Buy extra virgin olive oil from the oil mill and live a unique gastronomic experience from your home.

All Mi Oliva Gourmet EVOOs are oil mill EVOOs. Discover now its unique and incomparable flavour in our online store:

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