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The best seller in 2L- Arraigo - Pack of 4 x 2L Bottles

Arraigo unfiltered is a Premium quality Oil that we have obtained at a price almost superior to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. What is the difference between Premium Olive Oil and normal Olive Oil? We summarize it below:

  • The olives are of higher quality. As time goes by, the olives become overly ripe and lose qualities while increasing in yield. A good Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a yield of 18%-20%, that is, about 20kg of oil is obtained from every 100kg of olives. On the other hand, a Premium Oil has a yield of 11%-12%, that is, only 12kg of oil is obtained from every 100kg of olives. That means between 30% and 40% less production. That is the main reason why a Premium Oil is between 30% and 40% more expensive than a good Oil.
  • The olives come 100% from the shaking of the olive tree, since they have not fallen yet and arrive at the mill much cleaner than other oils, where already fallen olives are mixed with those from the shaking.
  • A Premium Oil never comes from mixtures of oils from different areas, it is an oil that comes from a single farm and has a more authentic flavor.
  • The result is an extraordinary oil with a unique flavor.

Take the opportunity to buy this Unfiltered Special Arraigo Lot.. We have managed to close an agreement with the mill to offer this premium quality olive oil exclusively for Mi Oliva Gourmet customers.

The Arraigo Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense flavor and a greenish texture typical of a fresh unfiltered oil from the campaign. It is ideal for consumption raw, on toast, salads and any dish with which you want to surprise for its extraordinary flavor.


It is a unique oil, balanced, smooth on the palate and slightly bitter and spicy. The collection process until obtaining the juice is carried out in less than 24 hours and only by manual and mechanical processes.

We leave you some opinions from our customers:

It’s the first time I bought it I was stunned, quality, flavour, aroma. price. AWESOME.” Louis

«It’s the first time I’ve bought this oil and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Everything has surprised me: the colour, the smell and the taste, which fills the palate with explosive sensations of pleasure when you take it with bread, salads… Excellent customer service and delivery on the dates agreed. Congratulations !!! Thanks«, Pedro

«With a balanced smell, flavor and color, with harmonic characteristics in terms of density and spiciness, this oil pleases me.
I congratulate you and thank you , for the care and affection they have put into making the product.
It is a delight to put it in your mouth.
< em>There will be more harvests and more customers, I am sure of it.
Continue in this line of care and good work with gold from the South, because, in your oil, everything that it glitters Kind regards.» Aurora

NOTE: The evaluations have been transcribed from those left by customers for the same Oil in other packagings

Sale price€79,95 (€9,99/l)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Jon Vigiola Rodriguez
Aove excelente

Como buen vasco me gusta comer y el buen producto.
Este aceite es exquisito. Paso mucho tiempo en Málaga y tengo un amigo que se dedica a abastecer a restaurantes de diferentes productos, entre ellos buen aceite y le suelo comprar a él los mejores aceites de este país y mi oliva gourmet está a la altura de los mejores.
Excelente aceite!!!

Jeannette Carrion

Su sabor, su olor, todo es magnifico

Ángel R. González
Un aceite de lujo

Es un aceite que constituye un lujo para el paladar. Lo vengo usando desde hace tiempo y no me pierdo su cosecha temprana sin filtrar. Es una maravilla disfrutar su sabor y calidad en cualquier uso. Gracias por proporcionarnos estas delicias para los sentidos. Seguiré siendo fiel a vuestro trabajo.

Dolores Redondo Garcia

Ya no podemos pasar sin éste elixir . Cuando lo acabamos probamos otros muy recomendados y que va , ni de lejos tiene ese sabor a aceituna que tiene vuestro aceite .
Gracias por seguir produciendo ésta calidad , es impresionante.

Maria Luisa Boix ruiz
Muy bueno

Aceite con todo sabor