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Estirpe Early Harvest (Limited) - New Season 2022/23

It’s finally that time of the year again!

The time our farmers in Andalusia harvest the first olives of the season. The time when the olives are still green yet ripe enough to produce top-quality EVOO.

If you’re part of our community then you already know how important this first harvest is.

This oil is premium unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which means, it is less processed. This preserves some natural juices from the olive, which enhance its flavour, as well as its antioxidant and polyphenol contents.

Early harvest EVOO has a very intense yet subtle flavour. It’s by far stronger, richer and tastier than any other olive oil. But at the same time not too overpowering. Early harvest EVOO retains all the subtleties lost in normal EVOO such as the slightly peppery notes and fruity almost sweet aftertaste.

The olives we use to make this early harvest EVOO are normally only sold as table olives, not because these olives can’t produce oil but because the yield of these early harvest olives is very low. It takes almost 10 kilos of olives to produce 1 litre of Olive Oil.

For this reason, farmers do not usually make Early Harvest EVOO with this type of olive. It is not profitable for them. They wait until the olive is very ripe, so they can produce double the amount of olive oil with the same amount of olives.

Don’t forget to keep this EVOO protected from light and heat so it stays as fresh as the first day you bought it.


The oil has a beautiful green hue and thick consistency.

The flavour is rich, silk and slightly peppery. A unique and intense flavour that’s not too overpowering.

Its acidity is less than 0.2. For some context, the ‘legal’ requirement for oil to be classified as extra virgin is that it has to be under 0.8 and the industry standard for high-quality EVOOs is 0.25.

High in polyphenols (over 500mg per KG) and oleic acid content. See the lab report screenshot below.

Oleic acid and polyphenols greatly contribute to a healthier lifestyle. With benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, preventing heart disease and reducing cholesterol. There are many studies supporting this in PubMed and other medical journal aggregators.

Reserve your EVOO now and get it freshly made in mid-November! Or risk it and wait until tomorrow, you never know there might just be some left :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews

Aceite muy rico, siempre compro, pero la última vez que me avisaron, tenía. Cuando vuelvan a tener garrafas, espero me avisen. Gracias

pedido hecho

hice un pedido el fin de semana y no me ha llegado


Es el mejor aceite virgen que he probado, sin duda un acierto. Marina muy bien con todo tipo de alimentos, no quita el sabor como otros virgen extra del super etc .

Alicia Garcia Ballesteros
Oro Español que hay que preservar

Es un aceite excelente en el que resalta no sólo sus sabores y aromas si no el cariño y el cuidado con que está hecho

Consuelo Sanabria Hernández
La buena CALIDAD se nota

He recibido mi primer pedido y el aceite huele de maravilla.
Repito pedido.