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Article: We already have the Winner of the 2nd Draw of the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club

Ganador Sorteo Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

We already have the Winner of the 2nd Draw of the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club

We already have a winner or winners of the 15 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for participating in the 2nd draw of the Mi Oliva Gourmet Club! But first of all we want to thank you all for your collaboration and time spent, your opinion is very important to us and helps us to improve every day and thus be able to offer you the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and what better suits your tastes ;) Secondly, explain how the process has been, for greater transparency:
  1. After completing the collaboration request process to give your opinion, we took the list of emails and put them on to Excel.
  2. In Excel, we removed the emails that were duplicates and from the resulting list we took only the username, without the domain part. For example: from the email “” we would have taken “username”.
  3. We checked that there were no duplicate usernames, it’s rare, but it could have happened that one participant was and another In this case we were lucky and there weren’t any duplicates :)
  4. We created the giveaway on a giveaway platform, in this case we chose, which is a platform that offers a guarantee of a transparent draw. There we paste the list of usernames and publish the giveaway. So your privacy is completely safe as always!
And this is the result of the winner who gave us the platform of the 15 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Results of the draw:

  • 15 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: mariclo1
Our most sincere congratulations to mariclo1! We hope that you will soon be enjoying this exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we will contact you shortly to request the shipping information. And to the rest of the participants, pay attention to your email, we are very grateful for your collaboration and, although it was not in the rules, we have thought of giving you a very special discount; ) We encourage you to leave your comments. See you soon!

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