Don't miss this 1968 documentary about Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“DocumentalWe bring you a documentary from 1968 on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the Filmoteca Española, made by NODE. This documentary contains really interesting passages of how Olive Oil was produced at the end of the 70’s. This was almost 50 years ago! When you see this short documentary you will be amazed, not without a certain nostalgia, by the images and, of course, by the background music that the day laborers sang during the harvest. I also leave you some images for the memory that I have loved. The landscape has changed a lot today. The day laborers are usually foreigners from Eastern European countries, but if you have been on a harvest day, I don’t know what the Olive Grove will have, that camaraderie is still alive and the taste for good work and the care of the Olive Tree. “Documentary In this image, we see the day laborers shaking an olive tree. Today there is specialized machinery that makes the harvesting process possible in less time, but the harvesters are still shaking the olive tree to make every last olive fall. It is an art to shake the Olive Tree trying to do the least damage possible! “DocumentaryAnother of the images that will remain in my eyes forever is to be women picking the bales of olives. It could perfectly well become a painting by Julio Romero de Torres or Picasso, or a poem by García Lorca, just like the cover photo. Watching this video, we feel more proud of the work we do at Mi Oliva Gourmet, touring fields and oil mills in search of small great jewels, full of tradition and Andalusian flavor, so you can buy the purest Extra Virgin Olive Oil of our land and, therefore, of the world. Do not miss this great memory of this little piece of our History and do not forget to leave your comment and share your opinion! See a 1968 documentary on Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive at the Spanish Film Library And remember, if you don’t want to miss articles as interesting as this one, SUBSCRIBE NOW TO THE MI OLIVA GOURMET CLUB! ;)/n

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