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Receta de filetes de Atún de la tía Mercedes

Aunt Mercedes' Tuna Steaks Recipe

Receta de filetes de Atún de la tía Mercedes

Aunt Mercedes' Tuna Steaks Recipe

Hello! This time I bring you something very special, the Recipe for Tuna Steaks in sauce. This dish is one of Aunt Mercedes’ specialties and that is why today she has decided to share it with her ...

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Receta de Fideua de la Tía Mercedes

Aunt Mercedes' Fideuá recipe

Hello again! Today I bring you the Fideuá Recipe from our favorite cook, Aunt Mercedes. If you still don’t know any of her recipes, what are you waiting for? Here are some of their incredible dis...

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Receta de Conejo de la tía Mercedes

Aunt Mercedes Rabbit Recipe

Today we bring you a different dish that you will surely like. We present you the Aunt Mercedes Rabbit recipe, made with love and with several generations of tradition! Surely you already know ...

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Receta de pollo a la pepitoria

Aunt Mercedes' recipe for Chicken with pepitoria sauce

This time we bring you the Aunt Mercedes’ Chicken with pepitoria sauce recipe for 4 people, a delicious and unique dish with which you will enjoy every last bite. Do you want to meet her? Let’s mo...

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Aunt Mercedes Pork shank Recipe

This time we will tell you the great recipe for Aunt Mercedes’s ham hock. This recipe is a family specialty and has been with Mercedes since she was little. Her grandmother taught it to h...

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Receta de mayonesa aceite de oliva virgen extra

Aunt Geli's mayonnaise recipe... mmmmmmmm

Today we bring you Aunt Geli's mayonnaise recipe, delicious and unique. And you will say... and who is Aunt Geli? Hahaha. Aunt Geli is 82 years old and her cooking is to die for. She is Ricardo's ...

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Receta pollo al horno en salsa de aceite de oliva virgen extra

Baked Chicken In Special Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sauce

We bring you a new recipe for baked chicken in olive oil sauce that is very easy to make and that will only take you 30 minutes. The result is certainly spectacular for the time it takes and the si...

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