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Article: The 3 differences between Gourmet Oil and the rest

Las 3 diferencias entre el Aceite Gourmet y el resto

The 3 differences between Gourmet Oil and the rest

A Gourmet Oil has many characteristics that make it much better than the rest, but this time we will talk about the 3 differences between Gourmet Oil and the rest of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Is that okay with you? So let’s get to it!

The RAE defines Gourmet as:

Person of exquisite taste in food and drink

We could define, therefore, the Gourmet Oil as an Extra Virgin Olive Oil for people with exquisite tastes.

What makes Gourmet Oil different from the rest?

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, in itself, a good quality product.

So, how do you get an Extra Virgin Olive Oil to become an Oil for the most demanding palates?

The secret is in its elaboration process.

So we decided to talk to Miguel Morales, the true architect of Prima Mensa and that he tell us how he has achieved this Gourmet Oil, at the height of the best Olive Oils in the world.

According to Migue, as his closest friends call him, the process of making him requires great involvement over a long period of time . Not everyone can get such a pure oil. Next I will tell you the 3 main differences that characterize a good Gourmet Oil.

The time of collection

According to Migue, the first, and most important, thing is to know when to pick the olives: If I pick the olives too early they won’t have an oily taste and will end up as a simple appetizer for Christmas dinner . On the other hand, if I let them ripen for a while and turn black, I will get them to produce much more oil than if I pick them earlier. But this will make it not as good quality as I want.

And you may be wondering the same thing I asked Migue… But then, what is the best time to pick them up?

It seems impossible to make it perfect… Well, I have to tell you that yes, it is somewhat complicated, I could even tell you that it is insane in some cases haha, but of course it is not impossible.

I have to be very attentive to the evolution of the olive to know the ideal time to harvest it, just before it reaches the end of its maturation. And if we’ve done it right, we’ll get a good good product, I assure you.

The Olive Selection

The second aspect that differentiates a Gourmet Oil is the Olive. Not all of them are suitable for making an exquisite Oil.

Even within the same olive grove, there are olives that have many more nuances than others. The age of the trees is also important.

In the words of Migue, to make Prima Mensa, I choose the best olive trees of the Hojiblanca variety in the best area of ​​our olive grove. These Olives give an Oil with a unique flavour, which our family has cared for with great love for several generations.

The grinding, packaging and conservation

The third great difference of a Gourmet Oil is not in the Olive Grove, it is in the Almazara and in the Master of Oil mill.

Once the Olives have been collected, to obtain the juice, they are taken to the Oil Mill, where the Master of the Oil Mill is in charge of supervising the entire Oil production process.

A Gourmet Oil is obtained through a cold extraction process. This process guarantees that the olive retains all the flavor and nuances with which it arrives, in its pure state, after harvesting. After extracting the juice, the Oil must be filtered, totally or partially, depending on the case. Migue and his family have always liked unfiltered oil (it actually has a partial filter). There are others who prefer the filtered oil.

Over time, if an Oil is not well preserved, it can deteriorate (excessive exposure to light, not being properly packaged, etc). The Cellar is, therefore, a key factor for the Gourmet Oil. Now you will also be thinking the same as me...

Great, I already know the 3 differences between a Gourmet Oil and the rest of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, but, when I search online, that doesn’t come up!

Indeed, there is no way to tell with the naked eye. You have to know the story behind that Oil, who and how it is made. Well, that’s the only thing that makes it different, unique, exquisite, exclusive...


I hope that everything I’ve told you has clarified things a bit.

I know that when you buy a quality oil, many times it is not what you expected and you feel disappointed.

That’s why I want to show you something that will be 100% sure to live up to your exacting expectations, Prima Mensa.

Why is Prima Mensa different?

As we have seen, the elaboration of Prima Mensa Oil consists of the exclusive use of the hojiblanca olive, typical of the Puente Genil area, selected by hand, picked at the perfect moment of maturation and carefully crafted and preserved.

There is no other way to know. You have to know the history behind Prima Mensa.

Ricardo, Migue’s brother, told us an anecdote that we now bring you:

It happened one day when we attended an olive oil tasting in Córdoba. We say take our Oil, Prima Mensa, and thus make it known. In that place you could find the most famous and careful oils from various areas of Spain, some jewels for the most connoisseurs. All those good oils had been recognized with many awards and had a great reputation. To everyone’s amazement, the oil that we had brought from our own harvest was a success, being one of the best oils that were exhibited at that event according to the people who attended.

You can also check what our customers share once they have tried this oil, because Prima Mensa is unforgettable for everyone who tries it.

And it is that Prima Mensa< /a> It is not just an oil, it is all those memories, all those smells and flavors that make us feel that we live in the best place in the world to drink olive oil.

If you want to know more about Prima Mensa and all its history, stop by here:

Click here to read the Story of Prima Message

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