Increase in the export of olive oil

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on 13 August, olive oil exports have exceeded a turnover value of more than 2,000 million euros during the 2017 season -2018.

In terms of production and export of olive oil, Spain ranks number one in the world. In addition, it is in fourth place in terms of products exported from Spain, behind citrus fruits, wines and pork. This product represents a very important contribution to the economic foundations of the country in question of commercial activity.

Olive oil in recent years

In recent years there has been an increase in the export of packaged olive oil to the detriment of bulk olive oil. Exports of this product between the period of October and May, have decreased by 25.45% compared to last year, with a turnover value of 2,014 million euros.

On the other hand, Italy continues to be the main export destination despite the recent reduction in recent shipments to this country, which reached 117,000 tons.

In the case of olive pomace oil, its exports are maximum for these dates, surpassing the last season, being a record. The turnover that this particular product has reaches 203 million euros.

In addition, the unit of this product has increased in countries outside the European Union such as Brazil by 6%, Australia by 5% and China by 18%. Contrary to these, in the United States a decrease of up to 24% has been seen.

Importation of olive oil

Leaving aside exports, a wide variation of this product in terms of imports has been noted.

So far this season, 115,878 tons have been reached, 73.57% more than last year. Imports of olive oil from European Union countries totaled 49,110 tons, and from third countries reached 66,768 tons.

According to EFEAGRO (the only Spanish news agency specializing in agri-food information) in an article, Tunisia led the increase in non-EU imports with an increase of 250% compared to last season, which which represents 25,024 tons more; Argentina follows with an increase of 451% (+5,166 tons).

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