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Article: The consumption of olive oil has decreased in recent years

Las 3 diferencias entre el Aceite Gourmet y el resto

The consumption of olive oil has decreased in recent years

In order to show the current situation of the Mediterranean diet, the Carbonell Barometer of Homemade Foodhas been carried out to analyze in detail the position that olive oil occupies in the lives of the Spanish people. This survey has revealed the current situation of Spanish kitchens.


According to the Carbonell report, olive oil continues to be an essential ingredient in everyone’s daily diet . Even with all this, it is true that compared to about 6 years ago, the figure of olive oil consumption has been decreasing significantly.

And it is that, since 2012 the consumption of this product has suffered a decrease by 20% in Spain.

A healthy diet

To carry out this report, a survey was conducted with2000 men and women between 18 and 65 years old. The results showed that 95% of the Spanish population thinks that introducing olive oil in our daily meals is a highly recommended action.

The olive oil has been selected as the main ingredient that should appear in our diets, above foods such as Serrano ham, vegetables or wine.

Olive oil continues to be a reference in cooking in Spanish cuisine, according to 86% of those surveyed.

In our usual purchase, oil is an essential product. According to 9 out of 10 Spaniards, this product should not be missing from our kitchens.

The next ingredients that follow olive oil are onion, garlic, parsley and wine, with oil being well above these.

For all this, you cannot leave all this gastronomic knowledge abandoned, you have to think about educating those younger ones to teach them the importance of olive oil and what it represents for our traditional cuisine.

What is the reason for this situation?

On the other hand, it can be said that one of the main culprits for the drop in olive oil is due to the working day.

People normally cook when they have time, but if their work schedule prevents them, they will choose to eat more quickly or avoid spending hours making a recipe.

Based on this situation, 8 out of 10 Spaniards agree that the tradition of homemade food in Spain may be coming to an end.

Therefore, at Mi Oliva Gourmet we have launched a Campaign with the aim of defending traditional recipes.

These are healthy recipes, that use simple products such as vegetables, legumes, fish and easy to make, including, of course, Olive Oil of Extra Virgin Olive as an essential ingredient.

You can see some of the recipes that we have published so far click here to see all the recipes from the blog.

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