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Article: A Very Special Letter...

Un regalo muy especial

A Very Special Letter...

This year, we have decided to include a letter in the Gift Box that conveys what we believe it symbolisms.

If you have already tried one of our EVOOs, you know the story behind each of these bottles very well. We also know that you love to gifting our olive oil because you want other people you appreciate to enjoy all the nuances, flavours, smells and incredible sensations of any of these extraordinary olive oils as much as you and your loved ones have.

We hope that this letter, which will go inside each gift box, captures the spirit and intention that you want to convey when you give this gift to someone you care about.

I’ll read you in the comments!


Inside this box you will find four extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

They come from an olive grove in Puente Genil, a town in Córdoba.

But this is not just 4 bottles of EVOO.

This gift was chosen for you by someone who, one day, read a letter.

And that letter reminded them of you…

It reminded them of their love for you…

This is the same letter they read:

“Dear Santa Claus,

This Christmas I am not going to ask you for anything for myself.

This year, I realized something.

I have a family that loves me, whom I love with all my soul and with whom I have spent unforgettable moments. Moments that, before, we hardly used to have. I remember getting up every morning and eating delicious toasts bathed in oil, as our grandmother taught us to make years ago. Laughing, and making jokes, and complaining at the news, and humming that song that we like...all amongst the aromas of earth and tomato.< /em>

I have friends who, although I don’t see them that often and although I miss the mornings when we used to meet for breakfast with that delicious village bread and that spicy green olive oil, with a good cup of coffee, feel closer to me than ever before.

But, above all, I have realized that having all this is not by chance.

Having all that love around me is an inheritance.

It is a gift that we have received from generation to generation.

A gift that has passed from my great-great-grandparents to my grandparents, from them to my parents, and today I inherited it from them.

The gift of knowing how to love, of knowing how to appreciate those little moments that are offered to us every day, of taking advantage of those minutes to share what makes us laugh, what worries us or, simply, the first nonsense that comes to mind.

It is the people who love us and whom we love that matter most. And spending time with them is what we really need. Even if it is with a simple breakfast. Everything else is superfluous.

Thank you Santa Claus for making me aware of this inheritance, the most valuable of all, which this year has been given to me in such a special way.

Hugs and kisses”

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil that they have given you is a symbol.

It is an EVOO made directly by a farmer, Migue, just as his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather did before him. < /p>

It is a symbol of something unique that is inherited, and cannot be taught in a school. Of a deep and rooted love, intangible.

The aromas and nuances of each of these EVOOs will transport you to a place that you may not remember, a place that you think you have not even known. But that, in reality, is engraved in your memory with the intense fire of a wood oven.

You will remember the smell of fields and tomatoes, olive leaves, some ripe fruits, and they will leave you with the slight spiciness of purest olive juice.

You will experience new sensations that, in their essence, are memories.

You will enjoy a heritage of generations who loved their families, friends and the land that saw them born and that they cared for, day after day, until sunset.

All this is what these four bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil symbolize.

And this is the symbol that someone has given you, so that you can enjoy it in those great little moments with your loved ones every day.

With all our love for the land and for authenticity, the entire Mi Oliva Gourmet team also wishes you a Merry Christmas and New Year, full of unforgettable moments.

All the best.

If everything that this letter conveys resonates with you, with the way you feel, and with what you want to convey with your gift, don’t hesitate to buy our Special Gift Box.

You can order it for yourself or choose the address of the person you want to give it to.

If you want someone to have these same experiences and sensations…

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