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Article: Do you want to know where “Oro Verde” comes from?

Aceite de Oliva Sin Filtrar o Filtrado

Do you want to know where “Oro Verde” comes from?

I’m sure that you have at least once heard us speak about ”Oro Verde” referring to Extra Virgin Olive Oil and to the international organization dedicated to Olive Oil and table olives, the International Olive Oil Council. But do you know where this expression comes from?

I’ll tell you about it in detail in a moment. But let me tell you about something else first: this year, Migue, our farmer from the San Miguel Olive Grove, has decided to make a very limited production of this authentic Oro Verde olive oil with centuries-old olive groves from the first cold pressing , and making a careful selection of the olives used for the production of Olive Oil. In this way, homage is paid to Extra Virgin olive oil.

The forecast is that this Extra virgin olive oil will be available by mid-November, although the date will depend on how much it rains during these days. With this “Oro Verde” we expand our collection of Extra Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Buy this Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil now

Well, as I promised, I’ll tell you where “Oro Verde” comes from, its fruity flavour and aroma, its unique and special picual variety.

Origin of the expression “Oro Verde” for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the old days, and I am talking about our great-great-grandparents, the extra virgin olive oil was not filtered, and the best oil, which the olive growers made just for themselves and their family, was the first one to be taken, the one that was made with the first cold pressing and with the beam press.

This Oil had a pure green colour, powerful green olive oil , and a really intense flavour, unique for cooking Mediterranean, and ideal for summer salads, thanks to its cold pressing. Hence, it became known as the “Pro Verde”.

An intense olive oil, due to its colour…

An intense olive oil, due to its flavour…

An intense olive oil, due to its cold pressing...

An intense olive oil, due to its variety of olives...

An olive oil only for true lovers of pure olive juice from the first pressing

That’s the Oro Verde!

You can now buy your Oro Verde Olive Oil . But remember, this production is going to be very limited.

We want you to try it and, if you like it a lot, next year we will make more if you ask us to do so!

We hope we have not fallen short and that you can try this Oil and contemplate all the product details, I sure hope so!

A big hug!


PS: I leave you one of the opinions of a verified purchase made by one of our customers, Jorge, that has left us speechless.

“We are not experts in extra virgin olive oil at home, although we have been consumers of virgin olive oil from different brands over the years.

Saying that this extra virgin olive oil is extraordinary does not give it enough credit, as that much is evident. I’m going to give you another point of view. We at home have decided to take a step forward in terms of quality in our lives, so why not do so for our own enjoyment? We are an average family that has decided to invest a little more than the average market price in exchange for improving our quality of life. Don’t try to tell me that it’s not a pleasure to eat toast with this extraordinary oil, Oro Verde olive oil, from Arbequina olive for breakfast, before going to work!

Thank you for your products and especially for “Estirpe”

By the way, the product was at my house before the fee had even left my bank account.”

Incredible, right?…

It is reviews like this of a verified purchase, that make us maintain our commitment to quality and continuously stride forward looking for the best products for you with our Oro Verde.

If you let us, we are going to give you some advice for better conservation and so that the quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil remains intact. At Mi Oliva Gourmet, we recommend that you keep our products protected at all times from light and the heat.

On our website you will find the most frequent questions and answers that our customers ask us. But if you want to get more product information, please feel free to contact us.

Without further ado, I leave you with this year’s great novelty, which we are sure will be an incredible world of new sensations:

Click here to buy your authentic “Pro Verde”

Let me know what you think!

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