Arbequina oil

Arbequina EVOO is a type of typical olive oil from Lérida and Tarragona, although in recent years it has spread throughout Spain, especially in Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha. It is characterized by being a small olive, adapting very well to the new super-intensive plantations.

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What is Arbequina Oil?

The arbequina olive is one of the smallest of the olives used to produce oil in Spain. It has an average weight of 2 grams, with a high fat content.

The average ripening of Arbequina olives is between the second week of December and the second week of January. The volume of the olive leaves is smaller and their colour is close to dark green.

It is a oil with a very mild and sweet flavour, making it easier to accept for palates that are not used to consuming EVOO.

Regarding its conservation, we are talking about one of the most demanding oils since it is more unstable and prone to oxidation, due to its high concentration of polyunsaturated acids. We must take into account its expiration date and conservation instructions, so that its maintenance is optimal for consumption.

Characteristics of Arbequina Olive Oil

One of the main characteristics is its sweet taste, it does not have any bitter aftertaste. In general, Arbequina olive oil is suitable for those looking for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a mild flavour. It is a very aromatic olive oil, with fruity hints of banana and apple.

Also, it should be noted that Arbequina olive oil has slightly lower polyphenol values than the rest of the varieties.

The main characteristics of Arbequina olive oil are:

  • Its shape is short and elliptical, green in colour and tends to turn yellowish as the maturation process progresses.
  • Its colouration influences the colour of the typical Arbequina olive oil, a green oil tending towards yellow that becomes more transparent over time.
  • The leaf of the Arbequina olive tree has an elliptical leaf, short and medium width.
  • Arbequina is resistant to cold.
  • Sensitive to olive fly and chlorosis in very hot terrain.
  • Variety of high production and in a constant and regular way.
  • It is an early variety.
  • It is grown in trellis plantation frames to improve crop yields.
  • Its oil is characterized by being smooth, fluid and with a very particular fragrance.
  • High percentage of oleic acid, which enhances its beneficial properties.

Arbequina Olive Oil Properties

Once the Arbequina olives are ground in the oil mill, the oil that results has aromas similar to fruits and almonds, while its bitter taste and very little spiciness, without leaving traces of dryness in the palate.

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered a clean, fresh and herbal oil, with notes of apple, sweet almonds and even nuances of artichokes. This type of olive oil contains fewer polyphenols than other varieties, producing an olive oil with a very mild taste.

All these nuances are enriched or varied depending on the olive grove and the area from which it comes.

Arbequina EVOO is perfect for introducing little ones to the consumption of olive oils, thanks to its sweet taste.

Uses of Arbequina Olive Oil

Arbequina olive oil barely leaves an aftertaste and does not overshadow the flavour of food when used. It combines perfectly with various cuisines, among them we have white fish and meat, along with cooked or raw vegetables.

It is one of the few perfect olive oils to prepare exquisite mayonnaise, smooth sauces and is widely used in desserts, thanks to its characteristic sweet flavour, as a substitute for butter. Both cakes and ice creams can be made, even raw on toast.

When raw, it is the ideal companion for bread and salads, along with ingredients such as kiwi, apples and raisins. Even for fruit salads and fruit purees.

It is also recommended for fish and shellfish, such as anchovies in vinegar, marinated salmon, etc.

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