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Shipping costs and conditions

Shipping is available for buying Olive Oil in the Spanish Peninsula, Balearic Islands and almost all the countries in Europe. We can’t ship to the Canary Islands right now. The list of European countries can be consulted in the list of countries that appear in the shipping address form at the end of the purchase. Delivery will be made on working days from Monday to Friday and:

  • Between 48h and 72h for the Spanish Peninsula
  • 7 working days for the Balearic Islands and Europe.
    • Shipping costs in Spain Peninsula are free

      Shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of the product, the total amount of the cart and the destination of the shipment. Until the customer has selected a delivery address (by default it will take their main address with which they registered or the last one used) said amount will not be shown. In any case, the amount will always be visible to the User before making the payment and additional amounts will never be claimed after placing the order.

      Shipping costs will be paid by the buyer, and may be free for certain products, geographical locations or order amounts. In any case, the effective shipping costs will be detailed throughout the purchase process and the buyer will have the opportunity to review these costs before making any payment.

      Mi Oliva Gourmet is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of orders for reasons not directly attributable to us, fortuitous cases or force majeure. The delivery of the orders will be made at the delivery address freely designated by the User. Mi Oliva Gourmet will not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the product does not take place as a result of the inaccuracy or falsity of the data provided by the User for this purpose, as well as in the event that the delivery cannot be made for reasons unrelated to Mi Oliva Gourmet, such as the absence of the recipient at the delivery address.

      In case of absence of the recipient and whenever possible, a note will be left with the necessary information to arrange a new delivery at the address of the recipient or the necessary instructions for them to pick up the product at a certain place . In any case, after 7 days from the last delivery attempt without the order being able to be delivered, it will be returned to origin and the contract will be terminated.

      The following are the shipping costs for some European countries:


      5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 40kg 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg
      7.96 10.89 13.49 18.17 21.32 23.38 22.75 21.95 26.25 37.82 54.32


      5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 40kg 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg
      9.62 12.52 14.55 18.70 22.59 24.28 24.46 24.53 27.81 41.70 57.70


      5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 40kg 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg
      10.41 14.26 18.40 25.05 30.14 34.22 37.64 44.75 56.82 76.52 100.14


      0€ to 50€ 50,01€ to 80€ 80,01€ to 100 € 100,01€ to 149,99€
      11 15.40 17.60 20.90

      (For orders higher than 149,99€, contact us).


      5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 40kg 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg
      12.51 19.94 23.85 27.1 31.66 37.87 46.04 58.17 65.08 81.02 110.08


      5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 40kg 60kg 80kg 100kg 120kg
      9.78 13.74 16.73 21.95 25.55 28.71 43.62 43.91 48.26 52.60 68.6
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